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A charity site to help individuals with autism work together with others designing, creating, and building gaming products.
We are trying to build an autism center in Chester, Utah.

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About Me

Hi I'm Christopher. I recently learned as an adult I have autism. The doctor indirectly told me through accessibility paperwork four times but never to my face; which was hard to deal with at first.I'm embracing my new identity with autism, artwork, and authenticity to try to help other individuals with autism feel included.I work with individuals with and without autism serving together to raise awareness and funding to designing, creating, and building gaming products. We are trying to build an autism center in Chester, Utah.We are dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals with autism can explore their passion for gaming and technology. Your support and feedback are crucial in making our vision a reality.Stay updated on our progress and upcoming events as we work towards establishing an autism center in Chester, Utah. Join us in making a difference in the lives of individuals with autism.I have been self employed for 10+ years doing digital graphics, but I'm shifting gears to make gaming products with the talents I have gained over the years to help others struggling.

Projects Overview

Here at Cold White Fire, we are dedicated to supporting individuals with autism by collaborating with them to design and develop gaming products.Our projects aim to create inclusive and engaging gaming experiences for the autism community. Each project is a testament to the creativity and talent of individuals on the autism spectrum, and we are proud to be a part of their journey.

Project #1 - Tools & Materials

I have had a Glowforge Plus for about 3 years now. With this laser engraver, I'm raising funding through donations to help gain enough money for basic tools and materials I need to create gaming products.I was part of the vocational rehabilitation program and I showed them over six months I could work part time with this machine.Since then we moved around for 3 years trying to find a place to live. I need monetary support to help buy the following:

  • 1/8th inch x 20 inches x 12 inches; hard wood that will fit into this machine.

  • XPS grey foam to laser engrave on

  • Water Washable Photopolymer Resin

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If you are interested in contacting me for other ways to help out please use this contact form.

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